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The Call of Duty game series xmodels can be exported to .OBJ format, .X format, or Maya ASCII (.MA) format for editing.
They can also be previewed in 3d with the built in previewer.

Please note that for Call of Duty 4 and later, you must install the Mod Tools to get the model files.
For Call of Duty 1 and 2, all the model files are in the PK3 OR IWD files in the game's main folder.

XmodelExporter main window 

Preview window:
Xmodel preview   Maya rigged jeep picture

bone tree


8/23/09 - Version 5.5

8/26/09 - Version

9/8/09 - Version

8/24/11 - Version 6.0

2/17/12 - Version 6.0.1

2/17/12 - Version



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